MAREUNROL’S - founded by two fashion designers from northern Europe – Marite Mastina-Peterkopa and Rolands Peterkops. Based in Riga, Latvia, the brand was officially established in 2012. Since then the duo continues releasing fashion collections, as well as working across cross-arts commissions designing set & costumes for theatre and opera productions, as well as creating visual design concepts and installation art.


MAREUNROL’s creates wearable fashion that is presented in a slightly surreal way, but with a realistic output, showing the impossible as possible - creative poeticism expressed on the human body - philosophy of design, cutting, details, quality of fabric and colors -  all aiding in being able to tell the story of the design with absolute transparency. Together they are working towards a shared narrative and producing highly executed, competitive designs offering a truthful expression of themselves as artists and voicing an identity that would resonate globally.